8 Reasons

Why you should drink SANGKA.


Helps you to feel alert!

Decreases fatigue. Decreases stress


Enhances blood circulation

Increasing OXYGEN in your blood streamfor better health


Help to ease GERD

Nano molecules helps to absorb minerals from food better


Prevention of early aging

Anti-Oxidant Increases hydration to your skin. Feeling youthful with Silica


Helps to lubricate muscles and joints for better flexibility

Decreases pain from Gout Helps to decrease joint pain


Helps to flush your system

Helps to flush your unwanted waste from your body faster Flushes unnecessary chemicals left in your system from pills


100% Natural

SANGKA comes from a source given by mother earth [Natural Alkaline pH 8-9]


Received many International standards and awards

From Highly accredited institutions SGS/UKAS/HALAL/GHPs/HACCP Thai FDA/ACFS/IAID/EQM Green Industry Thailand

Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, your gateway to a balanced and prosperous lifestyle

About us

At SANGKA, we go beyond providing exceptional natural alkaline water. We join you on your journey to well-being, offering a holistic approach to health and a vibrant life. Our inspiration stems from Thailand's majestic Sangka conch shell, renowned for bestowing blessings and good fortune. Like this revered conch, our natural alkaline is a rare gem capable of transforming lives.

Our premium water is carefully drawn from a unique natural alkaline spring, deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Thailand's royal ceremonies. Experience the captivating qualities of Sangka Natural Alkaline Water and embark on a journey towards balance, prosperity, and vitality!

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"There is no life without water and there is SANGKA to keep your lifestyle balanced from within."

Full of Essential


  • Silica: Improve the elasticity of skin
  • Bicarbonate: Boost your kidney function
  • Calcium date: Helps to preserve a healthy skin glow
  • Potassium: Helps maintain cell fluid balance
  • Magnesium: Essential for healthy muscles
  • Chloride: Essential for human body functions
  • Sulfate: Improved bowel movement

“It is this concord balance of minerals that gives SANGKA its light and refreshing taste”

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Taste of abu Dhabi 2023.

Thank you to everyone who made the Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival a memorable success! As the main water sponsor, Sangka was honored to keep you refreshed throughout the event.

Your enthusiasm and support have truly made a difference. Continue to experience the pure taste of Sangka Natural Alkaline Water by ordering online on the WaterWa app. Stay hydrated and elevate your everyday moments with Sangka!